Water and development: scales, temporalities, actors, and stakes around the durable management of the public service of water in Senegalese rural areas

The thesis shows, by structuring several scales, how the introduction of new rules of management of the water service will generate or amplify some imbalances that exist yet in the villages and between the actors.

As a result of the introduction of a new supplying system in drinking water, the State has introduced by the same time several official rules of management of the water public service. For lack of related regulations, these rules will be stackable to the sociocultural logics of the rural actors. Several types of legitimacies and legitimations of the actors’ practices appear. And as a consequence, this leads to clashes between those divergent logics around the management of water: some rural actors are stuck between different systems of value, local authorities confront each other about a positioning in the rural arena, cultures are in direct opposition, inherited structures are stackable to those new, created to manage water. The political clientelism comes to interest itself to the management. In brief, a whole combination of systems, with some buckles of retroactives, scans the management of the service and lead to an anomy situation.

The disturbance of the rules which is the source of the anomy is due to the doubt caused by the ambiguity related to the real purpose of the introduction of the drinking water conveyances in those villages. Finally, this doubt has undermined the credibility of the codified rules of management as they are considered by the village’s people.


Keywords: water, durable management, logics, health, legitimacy, conflicts, rules, public policies, evaluation, regulation, clientelism, stakes, authority, anomy





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